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Parents always give good advice. Mine, as well as “wrap up warm” and “eat with your mouth closed”, would always say to me “when you’re older, dedicate yourself to something you truly love”. I was often scared that this meant I had to choose just one out of the millions of professions that exist, limiting my future to a vocation that in a way also had to choose me. If I liked dogs, did that mean I had to be a vet? If I loved travelling, did that mean I should study tourism? So, one day I said to my parents: “I’m going to dedicate myself to words.” Translating them, transforming them, re-writing them, inventing them, designing them, drawing them, and playing with them to make stories on paper and memories in reality. I followed this (and many more pieces of advice they gave me), and today I’m very happy.


1. Call or write me

Find out what type of translation you need (sworn or not), and when you know, get in contact with me. This way, I will have a clearer idea of what your needs are, what the cultural and linguistic context of the text is and the time frame to complete the translation. All of these are determining factors when it comes to translating any text.


2. Send it

After our conversation, I’ll ask you to send me a high-resolution copy of the document/s you want translated by email so that I can tell you how long it will take and give you a more exact price. Once you’ve accepted these conditions in writing, I will begin with the translation and you’ll receive it as quickly as possible.


3. Receive it back

As soon as I finish the translation I’ll send it by post (standard class) to the address that you indicate or by email, depending on what you request. Remember that you always need to present sworn translations in paper form, as electronic forms are not valid. Once you confirm that everything is in order and that you don’t need anything else, we’ll have finished!


When do I need my translation to be sworn?

You’ll need it to complete all paperwork required to work abroad, study in another country, start an adventure (from buying a lorry to getting married!) and in short, any paperwork that needs to be valid in a country where the official language is not the one in which your document is written.
Think about it: if a document is official (normally having a stamp from the issuing institution as well as the signature of the person in charge of sending it), it’s only logical that the translation continues being official. For this to happen, these documents can only be translated by a sworn translator, which means a translator who is recognised and authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Spain to declare the translation an official document with their stamp and signature. Normally, it’s the institution or entity that requests the translation that determines if it needs to be sworn, although, generally speaking, documents that are normally translated by sworn translators include degrees and academic certificates, residence permits, criminal records, contracts, and adoption, marriage, birth and death certificates etc. For more information, you can visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation website on www.maec.es where you can find more information.


If you need some inspiration, I will be the best person to help you create convincing and articulate texts which will provide content for your blog, your website, or your marketing material. In an increasingly visual market, it is no longer worth writing just for the sake of it. When writing, we must inspire, teach, persuade, change the world. And hey, if we optimize your site and improve your brand image, so much the better. I am here to give you a helping hand; I have had training and experience as a content writer for digital marketing and I am a freelance collaborator for different blogs on national and international platforms.


I was born in Ronda (Malaga), and at seventeen I left for Granada, where I graduated in Translation and Interpretation (2007). A year later, I obtained my qualification in Sworn Translation (English-Spanish). I’ve lived in the United Kingdom, United States and Germany, where I broadened my academic and professional training in the linguistic and translation field, and since 2010 I’ve been working as a freelance translator for individuals and national and international companies. I am also a founding member of Escuela Entrelenguas S.L., where I also teach Spanish as a Second Language. I love coffee with my breakfast, spending my holiday on the beaches in Almería and hanging out with my dog, Pongo.

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
Mark Twain.